Our Vision

Our vision is to provide opportunities for each student to explore and grow the unique strengths and qualities that make them special, and that will undoubtedly bring forth positive change in their home, in their community, and in the world at large. This is part of a global mission to more equally distribute opportunity across the planet.

Our environment fosters creativity, individuality, and acceptance for all students. We believe that all students have a voice, vision, and story that can provide infinite fuel for their hopes and dreams.

Who We Are

The Academy of Seminole is a safe and nurturing environment where all students are celebrated and supported. Each student’s individual strengths, goals, and needs are identified through the collaborative efforts of parents and staff so that they can be successful in the classroom and in the pursuit of their post-high school goals.

It is the goal of The Academy of Seminole that every student graduates with a plan and the tools and confidence to carry out that plan. As an Early-College high school, The Academy of Seminole provides an opportunity for students to explore their career interests and begin taking
classes at a local university or technology center during their junior and senior years of high school. This allows students a head start in the pursuit of their goals. It is our hope that every student discovers a pathway that is both purposeful and successful.