The Academy of Seminole

Our vision is to educate students to understand, contribute to, and thrive in an interdependent world.

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As a charter school, we are a public school, free to attend and open to all. We limit our classes to no more than 24 students. If more than 24 apply we will hold a lottery for that class. If you would like to enter our lottery for admission to next year please fill out our lottery application. Our lottery process has been completed for this year. Below is our enrollment application information.

Who We Are

TAOS is providing the most time-tested methods of educating students. Through our Early-College High School (ECHS), we are committed to providing our students with a the opportunity to accelerate their education by enrolling in dual enrollment classes at Seminole State College.

As we grow TAOS will expand to include an elementary school based on the classical approach, and eventually will span grade PreK through 12th.

Our elementary and middle school will focus on a college preparatory education based on the Classical Liberal Arts. TAOS will promote a rigorous academic program fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, virtuous character building, and a lifelong passion for learning.