Proven Curriculum

In the early grades, our students begin learning to read through a phonics-based curriculum using the Saxon Phonics and Spelling Program. In 4th grade and above students begin reading novels. Our math curriculum uses Singapore Math which uses manipulatives which adds a conceptual aspect to the curriculum. Singapore math starts with concrete and pictorial approaches to concepts before moving to the more traditional abstract concept of math.


Early-College High School

In high school students move at a faster pace getting them ready to take concurrent college classes during their junior and senior years. Through our Early-College High School (ECHS), we are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to accelerate their education by enrolling in dual enrollment classes at Seminole State College.


Classroom Engagement

Our teachers are committed to supporting students to discover and pursue their passions and strengths. We encourage our students to take risks in their learning. We believe that a student will not learn to their highest potential unless they understand that we care about them, we care about their education, and we believe that they can succeed.