After School

After School Program

PreK- 5th

Cost: $20.00 per student per week. Any additional siblings: $15.00 for the first, $10.00 for second, $5.00 for third, and four or more additional siblings are free.

Payments must be made a month in advance, and should be made out to The Academy of Seminole (Cash or Check ONLY). A reminder statement will be emailed to parents on the 15th of every month. We will follow the school calendar, and will be closed on days the school is closed. No reimbursement or credit will be made for absence, for any reason. Failure to pick up a student on time could result in dismissal from the after school program.

Immediately after school, participants will gather in the cafeteria for a snack. Following, these students will move to their groups. Activities will vary day to day. We will do STEM, arts/music, holiday projects, community service, and homework/tutoring as needed.


Person(s) authorized to pick up students

If you would like to add additional students, please write their name and grade, separated by a comma.

Parents or authorized pick up MUST come in to sign students out by 5:30PM.


Tammy Potter
After School Program Coordinator