Ping Pong Tournament

1st Annual TAOS Ping Pong Tournament

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the 1st Annual TAOS Ping Pong Tournament!

The tournament is April 9th at 8:00am. All proceeds from this charity tournament will benefit the 7th Grade TAOS class fund and the Ping Pong Club at TAOS to allow us to purchase ping pong equipment. Please enter your information below to register. The first 32 players/teams registered will be entered into the tournament. There is a max of 32 players/teams for each division. All entry fees are nonrefundable so be sure you will be available to play. Brackets will be published the week of the tournament. If you are registering for singles and doubles, you will have to fill out two registrations. If you have any questions, please contact

This is a charity tournament done for enjoyment. While it is competitive, we hope all have fun. We will have no tolerance for obscenities, taunting or arguing. Mr. Moore, the tournament director, will make the final decision on any disagreements. There will be no protests. There are no cash prizes but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division will receive a trophy.
The tournament will be located at The Academy of Seminole, 600 E. Strother Ave, Seminole OK. This is the old armory building next to the softball quad.

Registration fee is $20 but you may add a donation if you would like to support the Academy. Do not pay for Singles and Doubles on the same registration. Please submit 2 separate registrations if you are playing singles and doubles.

    Required fields ONLY if you play doubles. Leave them empty if playing Singles.