Chromebook Policy

Device Purpose

The Academy of Seminole will supply students in 6th through 12th grade with a Chromebook device. This device is the property of The Academy of Seminole until the student graduates. The supplied instructional device’s function will provide each student with access to the required educational materials needed for each student to be successful. The Chromebooks allow students access to Google Mail, Google Apps for Education, educational web-based tools, as well as many other useful sites. The supplied device is an educational tool not intended for gaming, social networking, or high-end computing.

The policies, procedures, and information within this document apply to all Chromebooks used at The Academy of Seminole by students, staff or guest including any other device considered by the administration to fall under this policy. Teachers may set additional requirements for Chromebook use in their classroom.

Receiving Your Chromebook

Chromebooks will be distributed each fall during the first full week of school. Parents and students must sign and return the The Academy of Seminole Acceptable Use Policy, the Chromebook Policy signature page and the Student Pledge document before the Chromebook can be issued to the student. This document will need to be signed during school orientation or back to school night.

Annual Fee

The Academy of Seminole requires a $50.00 annual fee per device in order for the students to take their Chromebook home. If you choose not to pay the annual fee, then the student will not be allowed to take the Chromebook home. This $50.00 also allows the first accidental damage claim to be free of charge. Please refer to the accidental damage protection policy at the bottom of the page.


Any student who transfers out of The Academy of Seminole will be required to return their Chromebook and accessories. If a Chromebook and accessories are not returned,

the parent/guardian will be held responsible for payment in full. If payment is not received, the parent/guardian will be turned over to a collection agency.

Taking Care of Your Chromebook

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook which they have been issued by The Academy of Seminole. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken to the Chromebook 1:1 administrator. If a loaner Chromebook is needed, one will be issued to the student until their Chromebook can be repaired or replaced.

General Precautions

  • No food or drink is allowed next to your Chromebook while it is in use.
  • Cords, cables and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook
  • Students should never carry their Chromebook while the screen is open unless directed by a teacher to do so
  • Chromebooks should be shut down when not in use to conserve battery life
  • Chromebooks should never be shoved into a locker or wedged into a book bag as this may break the screen.
  • Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the Chromebook.
  • Always bring your Chromebook to room temperature before turning it on.

Carrying the Chromebook

The protective shell of the Chromebook will only provide basic protection from everyday use. It is not designed to prevent damage from drops or abusive handling. Carrying the Chromebook in a padded backpack or padded book bag is acceptable if the backpack or bookbag is handled with care. For example, you shouldn’t toss the bag or drop the bag if the Chromebook is inside.

Screen Care:

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.

  • Do not lean on the top of the Chromebook.
  • Do not place anything near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Do not place anything in a carrying case that will press against the cover.
  • Do not poke the screen.
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the screen (Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, etc…).
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static or microfiber cloth. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER OR ANY TYPE OF LIQUID ON THE CHROMEBOOK. You can also purchase individually packaged pre-moistened screen cleaning tissues to clean the screen.


Using your Chromebook


At School

The Chromebook is intended for use at school each and every day. In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars, academic handbooks, student handbooks, schedules and grades will be accessed using the Chromebook. Students must be responsible for bringing their Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher.

At Home

All students are required to take their Chromebooks home each night throughout the school year for charging. CHROMEBOOKS MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL EACH DAY IN A FULLY CHARGED CONDITION. Students need to charge their Chromebooks each evening. If students leave their Chromebook at home, they must immediately phone parents to bring the Chromebook to school. If fully charged at home, the battery will last throughout the day.


Sound must be muted at all times, unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. It is recommended that the students bring personal headset or “ear-buds” for any audio projects they work on.


At school: At this time printing functionality will be very limited at school. Printing access will be determined by the classroom teachers. Teaching strategies will incorporate digital copies of homework.

At home: Chromebooks do not support a physical printer connection. A wireless network and Google Cloud Print is required.


Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work

Students may save files to their Google Drive, or they may save to an external memory device. Saving to Google Drive will make the file accessible from any computer with internet access. Students using Google Drive to work on their documents will not need to save their work, as Drive will save each keystroke as the work is being completed. It will be the responsibility of the student to maintain the integrity of their files and keep proper backups.


Personalization of the Chromebook

Chromebooks must remain free of any writing, drawing or stickers. An identification label with the students’ name is acceptable on the Chromebooks. Spot checks for compliance will be done by The Academy of Seminole administration, Faculty, or The Academy of Seminole IT department at any time. Students may add appropriate music, photos, and videos to their Chromebook per approved curriculum. Any media on the Chromebook is subject to inspection and must follow The Academy of Seminole acceptable use policy.


Software on Chromebooks


Originally Installed Software

Chromebook software is delivered via the Chrome Web Store. These are web-based applications that do not require installation space on the hard drive. Some applications, such as Google Drive, are available for offline use. The software originally installed on the Chromebook must remain on the Chromebook in usable condition and easily accessible at all times. All Chromebooks are supplied with the latest build of the Chrome operating system, and many other applications useful in an educational environment. The Chrome O/S will automatically install updates every time the computer is restarted. From time to time the school may add software applications for use in a particular course. This process will be automatic with virtually no impact on the student. Applications that are no longer needed will be removed by the school as well.

Virus Protection

Virus protection is unnecessary on the Chromebook due to the unique nature of its design.

Additional Software

Students are unable to install additional software on the Chromebook other than what has been approved by The Academy of Seminole.


Students may be selected at random to provide their Chromebook for inspection. The purpose of inspection is to check for proper care and maintenance as well as inappropriate material being carried into the school.

Procedure for Restoring Chrome O/S

If technical difficulties occur, Technical Support staff will use the “5-Minute” rule. If the problem cannot be fixed in 5 minutes, the Chromebook will be restored to factory defaults. In a 1:1 environment, it is impossible for staff to maintain a working environment for all if too much time is spent fixing every glitch that may arise. Restoring the Chrome O/S will restore the device to the state in which the user originally received it. All student files stored on an external drive or Google Drive will be intact after the operating system is restored. All files saved on the Chromebook that has been synced to Google Drive will be intact. However, all other data stored on internal memory that has NOT been synced will not be restored.


Protecting and Storing Your Chromebook


Chromebook Identification

Chromebooks will be labeled in the manner specified by The Academy of Seminole. Chromebooks can be identified in the following ways:

  • Record of the serial number
  • The Academy of Seminole asset label
  • Individual’s Account Username Under no circumstances are students to modify, remove, or destroy identification labels.

Storing Your Chromebook

Students need to take their Chromebook home with them every night. The Chromebook is not to be stored in lockers or anywhere else at school outside of school hours. The Chromebook should be charged fully each night at the student’s home. Chromebooks should never be stored in a vehicle.

Storing Chromebooks at Extra-Curricular Events

Students are responsible for securing their Chromebook during extra-curricular events.

Chromebooks Left in Unsupervised/Unsecured Area

Under no circumstance should a Chromebook be stored in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas include the school grounds and campus, the cafeteria, unlocked classrooms, library, dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, busses, in a car, or any other entity that is not securely locked or in which there is no supervision. Unsupervised Chromebooks will be confiscated by the staff and taken to the main office. Disciplinary action will be taken for leaving a Chromebook in an unsupervised location.

Repairing or Replacing Your Chromebook

  • Loaner Chromebooks may be issued to students when they leave their Chromebook for repair with IT.
  • If a repair is needed due to malicious damage by the student, the school may refuse to provide a loaner Chromebook
  • Repaired Chromebooks will end up with their original factory settings. It is important that students keep their school data synced to Google Drive, so documents and class projects will not be lost. Personal information that cannot be replaced should not be kept on the device.
  • Students and parents will be charged for Chromebook damage that is a result of misuse or abusive handling.

Accidental Damage or Loss Protection

The Chromebooks are protected against accidental damage or loss due to acts of nature. In the case of theft, The Academy of Seminole will require that a police report be submitted. Fraudulent reports of theft will be turned over to the proper authorities. A student making a false report of theft will be subject to school discipline as outlined by The Academy of Seminole discipline policy.

The policy does not cover for loss of the Chromebook and/or its accessories, cosmetic damage, or damages caused by misuse and/or abuse. The Academy of Seminole will assess the Chromebook damage and repair or replace the device if the damage is determined to be accidental and within the protection guidelines.

Parents/Students will be charged for the full replacement cost of a device that has been damaged due to misuse or abuse.


The Academy of Seminole Chromebook Device Accidental Damage Protection

The annual fee of $50.00 includes accidental damage protection. Each claim covered by the protection will be assessed as an incremental deductible within the current school year. The first claim deductible will be free with the deductible increasing by $50.00 for a second claim within the current school year, increasing to the price of replacement with a third claim within the current school year. If a student withdraws from The Academy of Seminole and then re-enrolls at a later date within the same school year, the coverage purchased at the student’s initial registration will be reinstated along with the number of claims made prior to withdrawal.

Damage protection will cover the repair of any accidental damage to the student’s Chromebook. For example, if a student accidentally drops their Chromebook and the screen is cracked, a new screen will be installed for free if you paid the annual fee. If you did not pay the annual fee, a $50.00 deductible will be charged for the first-time claim. Damage Protection does not cover the replacement of a lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged Chromebook nor does the Damage Protection cover cosmetic damage.

Annual Coverage Due at Registration

Deductible Claim #1

Deductible Claim #2

Deductible Claim #3

**Annual Fee: $50.00 Per Device

No annual fee paid





Full Purchase Price ($299.00)

** The $50 fee is non-refundable and will not be reimbursed if a student withdraws from school.


Lost, Stolen Or Intentionally Damaged Device and Accessories:

A Chromebook or any of its accessories that are lost (whereabouts unknown) or intentionally damaged is the responsibility of the student and parent involved in the loss of property. The replacement costs are listed below. The user will not be given another device or accessory to use until the replacement cost of the lost/damaged device or accessory is paid to the school.

  • Chromebook Replacement $299.00
  • A/C Adapter & Power Cord $30.00 Failure of the parent, legal guardian to pay any fees from an intentionally damaged, lost, or stolen Chromebook will be turned over to a collection agency.