Dress Code Policy

Generally, students should regard neatness and cleanliness in grooming and clothing as important. Dress or grooming which is, in any way, disruptive to the operation of the school will not be permitted.

  • Clothing worn to school shall not be torn, cut-up, or slit and must be appropriately sized for the student.
  • Students shall not wear any clothing (including outerwear), jewelry, accessories, or display tattoos that contain messages or images that are obscene, vulgar, or related to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or violence.
  • TAOS logo top must always be worn and visible during school hours.


  • May be purchased elsewhere following this color scheme: blue, black, grey and khaki
  • Patterns such as plaid, gingham, stripes, etc. are acceptable as long as they follow the color scheme above and are professional looking.
  • Pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, and skorts shall be appropriately fastened at the waist. No sagging or “low rise” clothing is allowed.
  • Leggings may be worn only as an accessory under skirts, or skorts that meet uniform requirements and may only be white, black, grey or blue.
  • No sweat pants or pajama type bottoms.
  • Hemlines must be of modest length defined as having a 4-inch inseam or 3 inches above the knee.
  • No denim except on casual Monday’s and then must be clean, no rips, cuts, tears, or slits.


  • Collared shirts will be purchased through the school and display the crest on them.
  • Shirts/blouses must be appropriately buttoned or zipped.
  • T-Shirts may only be worn on casual Monday’s and then must be a TAOS t-shirt.
  • Solid colors of white, black, grey or blue long sleeves may be worn UNDER TAOS logo shirts when needed.
  • NO midriff may be showing, no exceptions.


  • Students shall wear shoes and/or footwear at all times while on school property, and shoes with laces must be tied for safety.
  • Students shall not wear flip-flops or house shoes.


  • Outerwear does NOT count for a TAOS uniform top, but may be worn over TAOS uniform top when outside the building.
  • Will be purchased through the school and display the crest on them. Students are not allowed to wear any outer wear in the building besides the approved TAOS outerwear.
  • Spartans athletic apparel must be approved by TAOS administration and worn on game days.


  •  Students may not wear caps, hats, or head coverings of any kind, including but not limited to, scarves, bandanas, and sweat bands inside a school building, except for students with religious beliefs requiring a head covering, for medical reasons, or as approved by the school’s administration for a special school activity.
  • Jewelry and accessories which pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited.
  • If a student wears a belt, the belt must be solid color, worn in the belt loops of the clothing, and appropriately fastened with a plain belt buckle.

Free Dress Day:

  • Periodically during the school year, the students will be allowed to deviate from the uniform guidelines and wear their regular clothes. During such days, the ‘General’ guidelines above must be followed. The Head of School and the faculty will determine the dates of these “free dress days.” If there is a question as to the appropriate nature of a student’s attire, the Head of School will determine if the student needs to call his or her parents/guardians for a change of clothes. No gang attire will be tolerated.