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Miss Sheri Bray

Miss Sheri Bray

English, Concurrent Student Advisor, HS Special Services, and STuCo

Sheri Bray is an enthusiastic teacher with a love for literature, writing, and the arts. In her undergraduate program, Sheri studied vocal music and has since spent much of her time on stage performing in various ensembles, musicals, and operas. Though she has a passion for music, she has always dreamed of following in her grandmother’s footsteps and becoming an English teacher. In 2016, Sheri entered a master’s program at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She became certified in the areas of English and Special Education and accepted her first teaching position in her hometown, Oklahoma City. She has experience in both the general and special education setting and prides herself on her unique and creative classroom activities. She earned an M.Ed in December of 2018

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