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Special and Gifted Services

Mrs. Tiffani Coker

Mrs. Tiffani Coker

Director of Special and Gifted Services

Tiffani Coker is the Director of Special and Gifted Services at The Academy of Seminole. She has previously worked for Shawnee Public Schools Special Services Administration and also as a special education teacher. Mrs. Coker has experience working with a large variety of children, including children from different backgrounds, socio-economical statuses, and students with varied abilities. Mrs. Coker has a passion for helping all children reach their full potential by sparking their creativity, providing accommodations, differentiated instruction, and by inspiring them to find their confidence and fall in love with learning.

Mrs. Coker has lived in Seminole for the last sixteen years. She completed her degree from Mid-America Christian University. She is married and has six children varying in age from 21 to five. Mrs. Coker has a love for teaching, traveling, coffee, and children.

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